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Products Attributes issues


When you create products option values and assign them to a product, you have to enter the sorting order of the options for each product; otherwise the order they will be showen in the dropdown selector won`t be nesessarily the desired one.
If you use after the Attribute Manager option to check / uncheck other attributes, you loose the sort order for that product.
I've fixed this issue adding a new field to the products_options_values table in order to assign a default sort order for each option values group, so they will be inherited in product attributes and attribute manager options.
I thing the changes are clean and usefull enough to apply them in the current version.

I've also corrected a bug in oscmax.sql file i downladed in the zip file.
Here you have all my contribs. Use them as you like



Operating System: Mandriva
Platform: Linux

Steps to reproduce

1.) Create and assign attribute options to a product via product attributes. 2.) Make sure you change the default order of the atributes in a product to other you select. 3.) Go to attribute manager and check or unchek a new / existing attribute. 4.) Save 5.) Check the options dropdown select in the product. You`ve lost the sort order yu had defined.





Carlos Piles




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